Sunday, August 20, 2017

Photos from the Aug Open Rehearsal

The idea of open rehearsals has always been a platform for us to advocate for Playback Theatre, and to have a space for us to connect and play with people who have learnt Playback, but do not have a  group to practise with. 

Each and every time, we're touched by the generosity of people, and the oneness and feel of community that Playback can create. 

We truly hope this community grows. And more and more people will get to know this wonderful craft that can help make the world a better place. 

See you at our Open Rehearsals in 2018!

Coming together and connecting.

Learning about Corridors, a narrative short form used in Playback Theatre.

In an open rehearsal, anyone can take the stage and try out the different dramatic structures (forms) we use in Playback Theatre.

Thank you everyone for coming to our last OR of 2017. We're privileged to share this space with you, and to hear your stories. 

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