Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Get into the Act!" - Our last performance of 2016

"Get Into The Act!" was an event organized by Singapore International Foundation to celebrate International Volunteer Day, and show appreciation to all SIF volunteers.
We were invited to perform at The Arts House for our last public performance of 2016.
So many wonderful stories of sacrifice, of love, of work in vulnerable communities, and of inspiration and courage!
We look forward to 2017, our 15th year doing Playback Theatre, honouring personal stories, and serving communities!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Company Retreat 2016 (11th - 13th Nov)

A time of reflection, connection, and exploration for Tapestry Playback Theatre. 

What was the year 2016 like for the company? 
 What was it like for the individuals that make up this wonderful group? 
What do we do to take better care of ourselves, and of the ensemble? 
What stories do we tell one another? 

Where do we go from here?
What do we look forward to in our 15th year?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Photos from the last Open Rehearsal of 2016!

The last open rehearsal of 2016! It was really noisy with the Halloween celebration outside, but we still made time, space, and heart, to listen to one another's story.
And it was a beautiful evening of life's tribulations, journeys, and emotional support.
Thank you for being there! And see you all in 2017!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Last Open Rehearsal for 2016!

Hi everyone!
This is the last Open Rehearsal for 2016! Do come by to experience Playback with us one more time!
Register here!
Friends from the Deaf Community are welcome to join us. Please leave a comment on our Facebook page to tell us. Sign Language interpretation will be available.
We hope to accommodate as many of you as we can, but have limited space, so get your ticket now!
This event is free but please support our practice with a small donation. Limited space~!
Email us at if you have any questions!
Thank you and see you soon!

Playback Theatre. The power of stories. Any story. All stories. Someone shares a moment, and the performers will playback it back, with movement, sound, music, cloth and embodiment. Any life moment is played - happy or sad, hilarious or humdrum. It can produce change, new insights and feelings, and even transformation, through the atmosphere of affirmation, creativity and reflection.

This event is supported by Toa Payoh Central Community Club and PassionArts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Photos from Where Are We Going? 17th & 18th Sept, 2016

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that turned up for "Where Are We Going?" over the weekend!
What a community conversation we embarked upon! We heard stories of our personal and collective journeys, and of dreams, fears, courage, emotional support, family and social pressures, and so many more. There was a sense of optimism about where we are going, and yet recognizing the many challenges, especially for those with different needs, and our rapidly ageing society.
We are also grateful for our wonderful Sign Language Interpreters Claudine Chan and Zhixiong, and also Weiyong, our Live Captioning Notetaker. This event is special because of you and the support from Nix Sang and our Deaf friends.
Like our Facebook Page to follow more news of our partner companies, tackling this theme in their own communities around the world!

This event is part of a global initiative by the Centre for Playback Theatre. Several playback groups around the world have committed to perform this theme in their own communities in September and October 2016, and in the process share best practices, rehearsal videos and photos, rehearsal methods, etc, with one another.
These groups are: 
● 17th & 18th Sept - Tapestry Playback Theatre (Singapore)
● 24th Sept - Dalumbuhay (Manila, the Philippines)
● 1st October - Dalumbuhay Youth Focus (Manila, the Philippines)
● 2nd October - unlimited Playback Theatre (Manila, the Philippines)
● 3rd October - New Jazz Playback Theatre (Moscow, Russia)
● 6th October - Trust Playback Theatre (Beijing, China)
● 6th October - London Playback Theatre (London, UK)
● 9th October - POIESIS Playback Theatre (Seoul, South Korea)
● 14th October - The Heartsparkle Players (Washington, US)
Groups confirmed but with no dates as yet. 
- Drama for Life (Johannesburg, South Africa)
- Pepita Playback Társulat (Budapest, Hungary)
Where are we going? What is our destination? What kind of society do we want to be a part of? What will our country be like in the future? What is the world coming to? What can we do now, to build the world we want to live in?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 01, 2016

Where Are We Going? A playback theatre event

A Playback Theatre performance. An interactive event. 
An improvisational form. A community theatre engagement.
A dialogue about issues that concern us.

Where are we going? What is our destination? What kind of society do we want to be a part of?What will our country be like in the future? What is the world coming to? What can we do now, to build the world we want to live in?

In Playback Theatre, the audience is invited to share moments and stories triggered by the theme. Performers will then spontaneously enact them in short dramatic vignettes, using elements of cloth, music, movement, and spoken word.

Come and join us. Share a story. Watch another’s story. Build community with us.
Friends from the Deaf Community are welcome to join us! Please leave us a message to tell us or email us at Sign Language interpretation will be available ONLY for the show on Sept 17th. =)


"Where Are We Going" is a Global initiative of the Centre for Playback Theatre. Playback groups in different parts of the world are exchanging practice methodology, information, and best practices, and will perform to the same theme in the months of Sept and Oct 2016.

These groups include:
  • Tapestry Playback Theatre (Singapore) - 17th & 18th Sept
  • New Jazz Playback Theatre (Moscow, Russia) - 3rd Oct
  • London Playback Theatre (London, UK) - 6th Oct
  • POIESIS Playback Theatre (Seoul, South Korea) - 8th Oct
  • The Heartsparkle Players (Washington, US) - 14th Oct
  • Drama for Life (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Pepita Playback Tarsulat (Budapest, Hungary)

Tapestry Playback Theatre Ltd is a non-profit community theatre company that bases its transformative work on the playback theatre form.
Our vision is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where stories surface and dialogues happen. Our mission is to establish playback as a transformative tool in community by training and supporting competent playbackers.
Tapestry is a Company Partner of the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT) and a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN).

The Centre for Playback Theatre - created by Jonathan Fox, the co-founder of Playback Theatre with Jo Salas - supports the ethical and artistic development of Playback Theatre worldwide, thereby promoting healthier, more civically engaged and inclusive communities.
It's mission is to uphold excellence and ethical practice in Playback Theatre around the world, as it offers international training, serves as an educational resource, and supports practitioners through its network of Accredited Trainers and Affiliate Schools.
A nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, the CPT is committed to combating injustice based on race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, disability, and religion.

Photos from our July Open Rehearsal (July 29, 2016)

Thank you for coming to our Open Rehearsal last Saturday! We began our session with getting to know each other (through our footwear!) and followed that by by exploring the traditional pairs form. Then we came together to share and playback stories for each other. Thank you for your stories. And thank you for sharing this "theatre of neighbours" that we love so much. See you next month!