Sunday, January 27, 2019

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Imagine a community gathering.
Imagine someone raising their hand, and sharing a story, a moment, or a feeling.
Imagine the performers on stage, playing this back, with movement, words, music, and cloth.

Imagine a story triggering another story, until we are truly hearing one another.
This is Playback Theatre.

What do you think of in your life that happens "Never Rarely, Sometimes Often"? Who comes to mind? Where did this happen?
Come share your stories with us, and let's watch!

There will be Live Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation for all shows.
Tickets at
Early Bird ends March 20.

Tapestry Playback Theatre Ltd is a non-profit community theatre company that bases its transformative work on the Playback Theatre form.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Between the Lines - a Playback Theatre performance.

Cause I can't continue pretending to choose
The opposite sides on which we fall
The loving you laters if at all
No right minds could wrong be this many times
~ lyrics from Between the Lines by Sarah Bareilles

Caught between the lines of fire, choosing sides, feeling like we don't belong.

Making a stand, finding our voices, building a world without boundaries.

What are your stories of Between the Lines?

Watch as our performers transform your stories into improvisations of movement, music, and spoken word.

Listen as our community comes together and connects through our experiences living in this world. 

Friends from the Deaf Community are welcome to join us! There will be sign language interpretation and live note-taking. 


Tapestry Playback Theatre Ltd is a non-profit community theatre company that bases its transformative work on the playback theatre form.

Our vision is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where stories surface and dialogues happen. Our mission is to establish playback as a transformative tool in community by training and supporting competent playbackers.

Tapestry is a Company Partner of the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT) and a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN).

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Photos from the Open Rehearsal (16/6/18)

Thank you to everyone who came for Open Rehearsal last Saturday. 
See you all soon!

Monday, June 04, 2018

Congratulations to these wonderful folks!

Congratulations to these wonderful participants on completing our 4-day workshop, 
Stories for Change - Playback Theatre Core Training! 

Saturday, June 02, 2018

June Open Rehearsal - last one before we take a break...

Hi guys~!! Come join us at this June Open Rehearsal. It will be our last session before we take a break. =)

The first half of the session consists of drama activities and learning a Playback form. In the second half, we will put everything together, share our stories, and give these stories artistic shape through improvisation.

This is a wonderful space to connect with one another, and to share our stories in this Theatre of Neighbours. Come and explore Playback Theatre, and have a chance to practise the different roles like the musician, the actor or the storyteller!

So do come dress comfortably and be ready to have fun.

Join us at the Toa Payoh Central Community Club Dance Studio (Opposite the library @ 93 Toa Payoh Central Singapore 319194).

We hope to accommodate as many of you as we can, but have limited space, so get your ticket now at!!

This event is free but please support our practice with a small donation.

Friends from the Deaf Community are welcome to join us. Please email us at to tell us early so that we can arrange for Sign Language interpretation.

Email us at if you have any questions!

Thank you and see you soon!


Playback Theatre. The power of stories. Any story. All stories. Someone shares a moment, and the performers will playback it back, with movement, sound, music, cloth and embodiment. Any life moment is played - happy or sad, hilarious or humdrum. It can produce change, new insights and feelings, and even transformation, through the atmosphere of affirmation, creativity and reflection.

This event is supported by Toa Payoh Central Community Club and PassionArts.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Many thanks to our accessibility service providers at What Really Matters!

Many thanks to our sign language interpreters and live note-takers, 
Claudine, Amirah, Yong Wei, and Xin Yue! 

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey for the last 2 years!