Monday, March 09, 2009

Tapestry at the 7th Bloodmobile Organisers' Seminar.

Participants at the 7th Bloodmobile Organisers' Seminar on the 28th of February received a pleasant surprise. Added to the programme this year, was a performance by Tapestry Playback Theatre at the HSA auditorium.

The audience included students from various tertiary institutions, grassroots representatives, representatives from supporting corporate companies and members of Red Cross.

We are thankful for the many heartfelt stories that came out.

There was the volunteer who had really personal reasons for helping out. There was the veteran volunteer, who used his wits and perseverance to put up posters where he really wanted to.

There were stories of encouragement and perseverance, stories of rewards and obstacles, and stories of laughter and of tears.

We're honoured to perform these stories. We want to thank Red Cross for this opportunity. We also want to thank Elaine and her colleagues for helping us out with logistics and planning.

We thank each and everyone there for sharing their heart and
their experiences.

Let's watch!

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This testimonial is from Perry Lin, BF Youths administrator. He also participated in our playback sessions at the camp.

Playback Theater has been a most eye-opening experience for myself, a youth group administrator. When I engaged Tapestry, I had in mind a tool to gradually allow youths to step out of comfort zones and build confidence. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast this effect was achieved with playback :)

I marvel at playback's efficacy to break the ice between complete strangers and subsequently bond people thereafter. Under the passionate guidance of Anne, Michael and Jerry, I saw our quieter youths bloom before my eyes, whilst the more gregarious bunch learn to simply enjoy the act of expression.

I think playback's potential in the youth scene is limitless, its work on the esteem and confidence a treasure. Our trainers at Tapestry is a good mix of loony and professional and is a most wicked bunch to look to for guidance. Thank you Tapestry for your passion in this work!

Tapestry at Buddhist Fellowship Youths Theatre Camp

In December 2008, Tapestry Playback Theatre was asked to facilitate a theatre camp organized by the Buddhist Fellowship Youths.

Over 50 youths came together for the BF Youth Theatre Camp, which aimed to help participants to conquer their fears through the use of drama, and to develop self confidence through performing before a live audience.

Animal games!
Pair work
3 wise men...

let's do playback!
giving music a try!
group photos!