Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Photos from Where Are We Going? 17th & 18th Sept, 2016

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that turned up for "Where Are We Going?" over the weekend!
What a community conversation we embarked upon! We heard stories of our personal and collective journeys, and of dreams, fears, courage, emotional support, family and social pressures, and so many more. There was a sense of optimism about where we are going, and yet recognizing the many challenges, especially for those with different needs, and our rapidly ageing society.
We are also grateful for our wonderful Sign Language Interpreters Claudine Chan and Zhixiong, and also Weiyong, our Live Captioning Notetaker. This event is special because of you and the support from Nix Sang and our Deaf friends.
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This event is part of a global initiative by the Centre for Playback Theatre. Several playback groups around the world have committed to perform this theme in their own communities in September and October 2016, and in the process share best practices, rehearsal videos and photos, rehearsal methods, etc, with one another.
These groups are: 
● 17th & 18th Sept - Tapestry Playback Theatre (Singapore)
● 24th Sept - Dalumbuhay (Manila, the Philippines)
● 1st October - Dalumbuhay Youth Focus (Manila, the Philippines)
● 2nd October - unlimited Playback Theatre (Manila, the Philippines)
● 3rd October - New Jazz Playback Theatre (Moscow, Russia)
● 6th October - Trust Playback Theatre (Beijing, China)
● 6th October - London Playback Theatre (London, UK)
● 9th October - POIESIS Playback Theatre (Seoul, South Korea)
● 14th October - The Heartsparkle Players (Washington, US)
Groups confirmed but with no dates as yet. 
- Drama for Life (Johannesburg, South Africa)
- Pepita Playback Társulat (Budapest, Hungary)
Where are we going? What is our destination? What kind of society do we want to be a part of? What will our country be like in the future? What is the world coming to? What can we do now, to build the world we want to live in?

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