Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Words from our Retreat 2012 (2)

We spent a little bit of time during our last retreat, to individually come up with a few words on our thoughts about Tapestry. Here's one from Elaine.

Look out for the rest coming up soon!

A Special Gift - Tapestry Playback Theatre
By: Elaine Tham

Playback can be a very special gift,
a very special gift it can be.

I found in it comfort;
I found in it a safe space;
I found in it a comfortable and authentic feeling.
Most importantly, it is my avenue for reflection.

Playback can be a very special gift,
but only when you are ready for it.
When you are ready and open to this special gift,
you would savour it slow.

Playback is indeed a very special gift.

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