Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Review of Tapestry in 2012 (7)

As the year is drawing to an end, we thought we'd look back and celebrate the many moments of our 10th year! A great big thank you to all who have connected with us in ways big and small. We look forward to meeting old friends and new in 2013! 

Here are pictures from our performance with Encounter Playback Theatre (HK) at The Arts House on Oct 7th. 

Oct 7th - A special performance by members from Tapestry Playback Theatre (SG) and Encounter Playback Theatre (HK) at the Arts House!

It was a privilege to practise with our playback friends from Hong Kong before the show!

We had loads of fun and it was a great experience! 

A big thank you to The Arts House as well for hosting us! 

Beautiful stories and beautiful moments! 

Eddie, Artistic Director of Encounter, saying a few words. =) We look forward to more of such opportuniites to learn from our overseas friends!

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