Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tickets still available for our last show at My Queenstown Festival!

Dear folks, 

thank you for your support last Sunday! 

It was a pleasure to play back the stories of an intimate audience that was open to sharing their stories of living in Singapore. 

Do scroll down for some photos! 

We still have tickets left for our last show this Sunday at 2:30pm. Please spread the word and join us for another delightful afternoon! 

A Playback Theatre performance at My Queenstown Festival

Dates & Time: 22nd/29th Sept. 2:30PM
Tickets: $20 (from SISTIC)

This is Where I Live. This is My Story.
What unheard stories are out there? What are your stories of growing up in Singapore? What are your stories of living in Singapore today? What are your stories of community?
Come join us as Tapestry Playback Theatre presents a playback theatre show, based on your personal stories.    

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