Friday, July 19, 2013

Tapestry Performance at MyQueenstown Arts Festival

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This is where I live. This is my story.

The story of Queenstown began in the squalid slums of the city, where three quarters of the population of over 1.5 million were crammed into 1% of Singapore by the 1950s. The first satellite town was developed to alleviate the situation.

Why does Queenstown have such a strong sense of identity and community?

More than its history, more than its iconic buildings, the story of Queenstown is about its people, just like the story of Singapore begins with its citizens.

What unheard stories are out there? What are your stories of growing up in Singapore? What are your stories of living in Singapore today? What are your stories of community?

Come join us as Tapestry Playback Theatre presents a playback theatre show, based on your personal stories.








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