Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Playback Experience (A playback theatre workshop)

What is Playback Theatre?
Playback Theatre (PBT) is a form of improvisational theatre created by Jonathan Fox. It is practised in over 50 different countries in the world. PBT is grounded in everyday life and stories, where the spontaneous enactment of personal experience builds connection between people by honouring the dignity, drama and universality of their stories. It is an exhilarating and often moving process that draws on the real-life experiences of audience members and then immediately re-enacts these stories using all the technique of theatre arts.

PBT has been used in many different settings including public theatres, schools, community events, therapy settings and even corporate contexts. (Check out for more information about playback theatre global news and further training)

Who should attend?

Through a fun and explorative process, participants will have the opportunity to be immersed in the rich atmosphere and dynamics of Playback Theatre. Participants can learn some basic forms of playback theatre to contain significant moments and feelings of personal stories.

If you are looking for new ways to engage a large crowd or specific groups of people in an interactive manner; learning how playback can be utilized in your present work; discover alternative and creative ways to discuss community issues (eg.roles, relationships, family and work); or just want to get ideas to conduct fun and enjoyable warm-up activities for new groups, then THIS IS THE COURSE YOU WANT TO ATTEND!

This course is ideal for students, teachers, actors, social workers, counsellors, therapists, actors and anyone who would like to learn a new theatre form which promotes improvisation, spontaneity and creativity!

Comments from Previous Participants

I appreciate the insights and the process of Playback Theatre. I learnt more about awareness and listening for the essence of the stories. Great Job, Anne and Jerry! Your efforts are appreciated and the facilitation was very clear.
~Mr. Aaron Ng, Church Worker~

Great workshop! I never attended such an interactive and participative workshop before! I would recommend this to my principal and get both of you to come to my school to run such a workshop for my students!
~Ms. Lee Ji Wen, Social Worker~

Fun! Cool! I realised one must come with an open mind and heart to benefit the most from what we have done in this workshop.
~Ms. Fiona Koh, Special Education Teacher~

I found out how Playback can be used in lessons and how it can be an avenue of "theatre". I found the hands-on sessions to be particularly useful.
~Ms. Wee Jer Wen, Secondary School Teacher~


Rohini Ramnathan said...

Hi - interested in doing a workshop of playback theatre - when is the next one? Pls write in with details at :)

Rohini Ramnathan said...

Hi - could you pls send me details of your upcoming workshops? :)

Tapestry said...

Hi Rohini,

please see for our next workshop in Nov/Dec 2016.

You can email us at for more details.