Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Photos from Maybe If

2 wonderful shows. 2 different conductors. 2 delightful flavours. 5 sensitive & creative performers. Many wonderful stories from the audience. Thank you for being part of "Maybe If".

Warming up in the afternoon before the show.

Going through the paces for our opening stories.

Our musician Ying.

Today's colour is blue...

Laura, our wonderfully sensitive actor.

Jerry, one of the longest serving members of Tapestry.

Our audience members getting to know one another, by shaking hands with one another, winking, and a special sound and action greeting!

Playing a game with the audience before the show begins proper. We love our sporting audiences!

A Pair of Feelings.

What is your Maybe If?

3 solos. That wail in the box was unforgettable.

That moment, when we're all connected to one another. That moment, when we're connected by a story one of us shares. That moment, when there is no other.

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